Gas Prices Bush vs Obama

Ok, we all know when Bush was president still, around June of 2008 gas prices were about $4 a gallon, and this occurred while crude oil was sitting around $140 a barrel. Here is a chart of crude oil and gas prices for the past 7 years from today, 6/7/13 Average&city2=&city3=&crude=y&tme=84&units=us (Just noticed today 3/4/14 that this link brings up the monthly chart but you can change that by clicking on a quick link or change the year in the chart setting section)

Here is the 1 month chart from, crude oil is around $94 a barrel while the average gas price in the America is about $3.64. Average&city2=&city3=&crude=y&tme=1&units=us

If in 2008 crude was around $140 a barrel and we were at about $4 a gallon as the average price in America and we are now around $94 a barrel and average gas prices in America are $3.64, what do you think that says? Look at the 7 year chart again and look in 2008 during Bush’s presidency where crude oil was when gas prices were about $3.64, then look at where it was during Obama’s presidency. Sounds like the American dollar can’t buy as much because if it were to reach $140 now, do you think gas prices would just stop around the $4 mark?

Have you noticed food prices going up or down in the past 5 years? Inflation is coming because they are continuously printing money. I don’t think gas prices will just stop and turn around, I do believe tough times are coming ahead, but you do your own research and prepare.

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