Stop Blaming Republicans and Democrats!!

It is not their fault for the corruption, if they choose to go down the corrupt road. Don’t blame Obama for corruption nor anyone else in congress!! Why is that you ask? Good question and there is only one good answer and that is it is the fact that most of America chooses not to pay attention to what is going on in Congress. Power corrupts and if a person gets in the position of power and no one is watching. then there is a chance they will be corrupted! I don’t blame them as much as I blame those not paying attention. In 2007 when Bush wanted to pass amnesty America stood up and said “NO” very loud and so it failed to succeed! Wake up America because together we can change this country and push it in the direction we want to go!!! Stop focusing on the politicians because we can push them in the direction we want to go!! Want freedom, then wake up and call your congressman!!!

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