Felony for Lying on a Dating Site?

I heard about Congress possibly making it a felony if you lie on a dating site. Don’t believe we could be at this point, that this could never happen in America. Have you seen Regulations.gov? It used to show how many regulations were made in 3 days, a week, etc. I think most of the time I had seen that it would show almost 6000 for every 90 days. Those are regulations for We the People and not Them the Congress.

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal from September 2011 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111903285704576562294116160896.html. In it the author of the story Orin S. Kerr, discusses the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, where problems could occur, and brings some examples dealing with the courts using it against someone on a social site (one example).

Could you imagine lying about your weight and getting in trouble? According to the report violating that act would be a misdemeanor, they did try to make it a felony but it failed.

I did do look up the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and here it is: http://energy.gov/sites/prod/files/cioprod/documents/ComputerFraud-AbuseAct.pdf

In the first section it brings up the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 http://www.epw.senate.gov/atomic54.pdf

So we are allowing the government to use the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to make it a misdemeanor for lying online. Yet, the first section has the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 in it, the second section deals with obtaining financial information from a financial institution, the third deals with computers solely for government use, the fourth deals with a Federal interest computer.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is very short but not the Atomic Energy Act, that will require a bit of reading. The point is I see nothing this Act that makes it allowed to be used for someone lying online, etc. For those that trust the government entirely, please look at Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and read for yourself after reading the Wall Street Journal story.

Please wake up and get involved. I will try to look more into this and see if I can find anything.

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