Obama Cap and Trade and the EPA

Ok, remember when Obama said that his cap and trade plan would necessarily skyrocket electricity rates in 2008?



According to the book Democracy Denied by Phil Kerpen, really good book and I recommend getting it click on book to find it on Amazon BOOK (I am only on page 51 but have learned some good things from it), on page 46 he talks about the EPA issuing “endangerment finding” which would allow the EPA to add regulations to the Clean Air Act of 1970, even though Congress rejected this in 1990 but due to a Supreme Court decision in 2007 (Massachusetts v EPA) it would allow the EPA to misuse the 1970 Clean Air Act  read about that here NEWS  . You can read more from Democracy Denied to learn more about the EPA and their regulation.

Also here is a letter to Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator, from Sensenbrenner, Issa, Vitter and Barrasso about failing to respond to a December 2, 2009 letter.  Click on LETTER to read the letter.

In 2010 here is a story saying that the EPA will regulate the coal industry starting in 2012, even though obama tried to pass the bill through congress but it failed!!!


And around the end of March, guess what is going on concerning the EPA and the coal industry


When a president goes around congress so he can do what he wants, doesn’t that make him a dictator?  I think so!

This is from 5/18/12 under “News and Announcements” at PJM.COM, look at the first paragraph on page 2.

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