H.R 3166

Scary new bill…It hasn’t passed yet but we need to make sure it stops!  The problem with this bill is when included with the NDAA (look earlier on my blog) it states “”(f) REQUIREMENT FOR BRIEFINGS OF CONGRESS.—
16 The Secretary of Defense shall regularly brief Congress
17 regarding the application of the authority described in this
18 section, including the organizations, entities, and individuals considered to be ‘‘covered persons’’ for purposes of
20 subsection (b)(2).”

Now the government can decide who is a terrorist.  As I mentioned in that post before they consider the Tea Party to be right wing extremists.  Who says the government won’t say this person is a terrorist?  Who trusts their government that much that they will do the right thing?  Some politicians won’t ever cross that line but if the DOJ wants to say someone is a terrorist then not only can you lose your citizenship but be held indefinitely in prison with no court date…What happened to the 4th amendment?  The TSA breaks that everyday at the airports!  That is why I refuse to fly!  If more people would refuse to fly then something would have to change concerning the TSA.  Some have no choice or they would get fired from their job, not sure what I would do in that situation, but I don’t have to fly for my job and will drive vs fly to keep my 4th amendment intact!  This bill has not passed yet but please email your senators and congressmen/women and find out how they will vote and make sure they know you don’t want this bill to pass!  Today you may agree with the government but tomorrow you may not and if a bill like this passes and they find out, could they not say you disagree with them and therefore are a terrorist?  We already can be put in prison by the secret service if we protest and a person with secret service doesn’t like the protesting, thus we have lost the freedom of speech and the ability to protest (I have a video below with Judge Napalitano talking about that).


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