Quiz 5 Answers

1.  September 25, 1789

May 7, 1992

2.  Article 5

3.  Lucifer

4.  Democrats.  I will list 9 of the devices used to do so.  They needed these devices due to the 14th and 15th Amendments being passed.

A.  Poll tax – (pay to vote).

B.  Literacy test.

C.  “Grandfather clause” – Needed your father or grandfather to have the right to vote before 15th Amendment was passed.

D.  “Suppressive election procedures”

1.  A Republican voter had to vote in multiple ballots at different locations or different locations for each Republican politician.

2.  Hiding voting boxes at the last minute and then have men guard the box in case a black found where it had been moved.

E.  Black Codes (aka Jim Crow laws) – Restricted freedoms and economic opportunities.

F.  Bizarre gerrymandering

G.  White only primaries

H.  Physical intimidation and violence.

I.  Revising the State Constitutions.

More information can be found in American History in Black and White by David Barton pages 100-109.

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