Plano City Council Meeting 8/14/10

Want to update this,  after this vote they took a 30 min break for lunch, and I had other things to do and was tired so I didn’t return.  After 3.5 hours, I couldn’t stay anymore.  I know they were discussing a half a penny tax increase but not sure if it was passed or not.  8/17/10

I was at the Plano City Council Meeting today and was shocked what I saw happen.  A committee that looks to see who should get money from the city or not found the Plano Childrens Theater (PCT) scored too low of a score to look at them.  They had 73.4, I think, when the minimum needed was 75.  Some PCT members were there and were saying how they were working on improving, etc. and thought they should get some money.  They even had some of the kids go up and talk.  The person speaking on behalf of the committee said they knew of all the information that was being told by the PCT but still decided to not give them a score of 75 or higher.  The mayor said since they barely failed that they shouldn’t receive $0 and they should at least get something.  Jean Callison agreed but Harry LaRosiliere disagreed saying he didn’t think it was right.  Lee Dunlap and Lissa Smith agreed with the mayor that they should at least get something while Andre Davidson agreed with Harry LaRosiliere.  Ben Harris came up with $43,000 for a number and when they voted only Andre Davidson and Harry LaRosiliere voted against it.  What was the mayor’s reason why they should get something?  For the kids, because it wasn’t the kids fault so why should they suffer?

What does this mean?  Here is a group that barely didn’t  meet the requirements and the City Council goes over the committee’s head and approves them anyway.  If I was on the committee, I would think, “Why does it matter what I recommend because if more groups that fail to pass come before the city council they could just go over my head?”.  When this gets out that is probably what will happen.  I am pretty sure there are other groups that deal with kids that failed to meet requirements.  Why not let them receive money?  This is socialism because the PCT was not going to get money and now money will be taken away from the other groups to give $43,000 to the PCT.  This is crazy!!

Here are the email addresses and phone numbers of the Plano City Council Members

Phil Dyer
Place 6

Thomas H. Muehlenbeck
City Manager

Pat Miner
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
Place 1


Ben Harris
Place 2

Andre’ Davidson
Place 3
Lissa Smith
Place 4

Harry LaRosiliere
Place 5

Jean Callison
Place 7

Lee Dunlap
Mayor Pro Tem
Place 8

Here is an email I just sent them.

I am disappointed for those that voted to allow them to receive money when there is already a committee that determines whether or not a group gets money or not.  What you did was socialist!!  A group was not going to receive money and then you said they could receive money and now you will be taking from those that worked hard to do the right thing and giving to those that didn’t.  What was your reason??  For the children?  Ok, so now for the children what else will you do?  How many groups out there deal with kids that don’t get money because they don’t do what they are supposed to do?  How many kids suffer because of adults doing the wrong thing?  Adults will make mistakes, some stupid and some just a mistake, and sometimes, unfortunately, kids or other people will suffer.  That is a part of life and it sucks sometimes.  They did not meet the requirements like they should have and now why should they strive to do their best because they can expect you to come and save them again?  Or what about other groups that will hear about this that barely failed?  Are you now going to protect and save them?  Right is right and wrong is wrong.  Now you will steal from other groups to give to one that didn’t make it.  The other groups may think why try to be good?  And why would they have to?  They just have to go to a meeting and grab some sympathy and you guys will probably give in to them.

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