I am Tired of Waiting!

If We the People have the power, then why are we waiting to fight back at the polls?  Doesn’t that make it still seem like they are in control?  The way I look at it, we are going to them and not making them come to us.  I don’t want to wait until November to make them see our power.  I want them to realize we have the power now!!  If you want to help, then let me know.  This will be done peacefully of course.

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  1. I want to help Moe!

  2. Cool, thank you. I say we take the fight to them! Let’s brainstorm to find a way we can show them We the People are in power. My only idea, at this time, is to impeach. This is the only way we will truly put the fear of God into them. If you have another way, let me know. I am just tired of reading news stories and passing them on. I am tired of only trying to learn the Constitution but not acting. This is my idea at this time, what do you think?

  3. I’m with you. There is no telling how much damage Washington can do to us between now and November.

  4. Thank you, I put my idea above, please both of you comment on it and if you have any ideas let me know. I say it is time we take the fight to them. We need to do more than just protest and that is why I like the impeach idea. Just like California did to Gray Davis, I say we do to all of congress!

  5. I am going to research some ideas. I heard impeachment may be out, but I am not stopping there. I know we can take this country back and do it peacefully and put the fear of God and We the People back into congress, but I want to take the fight to them and stop waiting. I will put them on this blog and on my Facebook group “We the People”. If anyone wants to join, then let’s make a difference but join to act not to just join.

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