Am I a Racist?

Am I a racist because I am against Obama and his agenda?  Am I a racist because I want illegals to come in the LEGAL way, no matter where they are from?  Am I a racist because I am a proud member of the Tea Party movement and believe in the Constitution our Founders’ gave us?  If you answered yes to any one of these questions and you believe I am a racist, then I believe you are ignorant!

For the record, I was against a lot of things Bush did also.  I was against his spending, the amero, his wanting to allow America, Canada and Mexico to be able to have their trucks drive through, and of course the fact he didn’t guard the border better too.

I am on the side of AMERICANS AND THE CONSTITUTION!!  I don’t care if someone is Libertarian, Democrat or Republican.  If I believe in their message, which would be according to the Constitution, then I am for them, but I won’t fall asleep again.  I will pay attention because when Americans sleep most politicians wake up (I do believe there are some good ones fighting for our cause).

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  1. Well, the socialist on both coast would certainly call you a racist but if you are paying attention at all, it’s the ones pointing the fingers who are the real racists.

  2. Like the new Black Panther party? That is where I got my Racist Animal Cracker blog idea from (second one has a video). I think unfortunately, many people have “married” themselves off to one party or way of thinking and unfortunately, any other opinion is racist or hate. I hope we can get past the hate and racism so we can get our country back. Thanks for your comment.

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