The African Slave Trade

Many people think that the Founding Fathers were slave owners and pro slavery.  Not true.  Did you know the Republican party was created because they wanted to fight slavery and fight for blacks’ rights?  Click on 1808 to see history about abolishing the slave trade.  Click on REPUBLICAN to see the history of the Republican party.  In fact, one of the founders of the Republican party, U.S. Senator Charles Sumner gave a 2 day long speech in 1856 against slavery and after he completed his speech Representative Preston Brooks from South Carolina beat him so badly that it took 3.5 years until he was able to return the Senate.  Where did I get these facts?  I learned about them from American History in Black and White by David Barton.  I did a search for websites but first learned them from Mr. Barton’s book.   In 1850 the Democrats passed the Fugitive Slave Law that would allow slave-hunters from the South to kidnap free blacks, YES FREE BLACKS, and make them slaves in the South.  If a black was accused of being a slave, whether he was or not, he lost his rights to a jury trial and right of habeas corpus!!  Please check out this great book American History in Black and White and start learning the true history of America!!

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