Racist Animal Cracker

My pet ferret, Larry, is a racist animal cracker.  Yes, he is white and that is what makes him an animal cracker and he does attack Curly, my other pet ferret who is a colored ferret, and that is what makes Larry a racist.  You can see the pictures so there is proof that Larry is a racist.

Obviously, this makes no sense.  Just like the fact that it makes no sense someone is a racist because they disagree with illegals being here for being illegally.  I am against ALL illegals, I don’t care where they are from.  I would like to know if all those that think people like myself are racist think that this black panther is a racist.  Click on RACIST to see the video, I found one with Glenn Beck talking about it for a few minutes after letting the racist speak.  Maybe they think he is just misunderstood or some crazy reason like that.  I am Jewish and I don’t consider Germans today as evil or anti-semetic or that the German people owe me anything for the holocaust nor do I consider Larry a racist.  I guess technically he is still an animal cracker to some.  Click on the pictures or put your mouse over them to see which one is Larry and Curly.

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