Anti Israel Comment on the Smoking Gun Presents

Here is what I sent to one of their correspondents, Beth Karas, because I couldn’t find anyone else to complain to on that site.  To complain go to this page

Click on WTH to see the annoying clip.  The stupid comment occurs at 1:41.

Don’t know who else to complain to but the comment this idiot made on The Smoking Gun Presents was extremely insulting. The one who said “Sadly after that show they built a wall around that dog and stole his land”. Could you show that idiot a map of the Middle East so he can see how small Israel is compared to the Arabic countries? Israel didn’t STEAL their land! The Arabs were told to leave and then lost to Israel!!!

So please shut that idiot up and keep him off of the show. I want to watch stupid crap and enjoy the show but if you keep having uninformed idiots like him talking then not only will I stop watching but I will make sure to let as many Jews and Christians know what you guys are about.

Look, I don’t like Gary Busey because he made this film but I just roll my eyes when I see that idiot on cam and I don’t like him but he has a right to believe what he wants. I haven’t seen him say anything anti semetic on your show so, as much as I disagree with him, since he isn’t on your show all of the time, then fine I will still watch it. But if you allow idiots saying anti Israel comments like that, then I am done watching your show and will let Jews know. I do like Judy Gold’s confused face at that comment which seemed to say, “Where the hell did that comment come from?” I just hope that she believed it and it wasn’t part of the script.

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