Whose Side is Obama Really on?

This is the leader people voted for???  Is he trying to become the next Tiger Woods?  He doesn’t care about America!!  He doesn’t care about the oil spill!!  He doesn’t care about Americans!!!  When will people wake up to see this?  If Bush played as many games of golf as Obama did, then the media would be all over him but for their messiah, not as bad…Click on GOLF and FORE to see some old stories about Obama and golf.

Do you think Obama cares about the environment?  He has time to play golf and it takes him many days to actually react.  I think he doesn’t care, so what should that tell all the true environmentalists?  Obama isn’t on your side. All he knows how to do is play golf it seems, go on dates with his wife and blame Bush.  Click on JINDAL, HYPOCRIT, MAY18, JONESACT, KATRINA and SEACREATURES.

Obama is a failure not because he can’t do the job but because he isn’t even trying to do the job right.  He doesn’t care environmentalists….make sure you understand that so if you fight for the environment, even though you may still drive those cars you think are causing global warming and do other things you believe are causing global warming (eating meat, using electricity, running air conditioners, etc.), then you should at least get upset Obama isn’t doing much to clean up the oil spill.  I know you probably think Obama is innocent and it is the evil oil company that is all at fault.  Don’t get me wrong I do believe they are at fault also.

Is obama practicing to be a lame duck?  Seems like it, just look at some of the things he failed to accomplish above!!  I will plan on getting more stories of Obama’s failures, and again, not because he is a failure but because he fails to care and act for America!!

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