One Reason I Am Against Illegals!

Crime!!  Has nothing to do because of their race!  Click on ILLEGALS for the story.  For those that will say something like, “But more Americans commit crimes in this country, what about them?”.  My answer is you are right but their are more of us here and I am also for stricter punishment.  Punishment is supposed to stop people from doing the wrong thing again, but the problem is when prisoners have too much freedom then how big of a punishment is it really?  If someone murders a person and it is believed without a doubt that this person did this crime, why should we wait about 10 years or more to give them the death sentence?  Do it the day after the trial and that will help stop crimes.  And for those that would say something like, “But they had a hard life, are you that cold hearted?”  Nope, I really do feel bad for them but punishing a criminal isn’t just for the person that committed the crime, but also for those that would possibly think of committing that crime in the future.  If we punish someone who plans a murder with death right after the trial, how many will think twice about planning a murder?  If we properly punish someone who murders out of anger, with no intention, and we punish them after the trial, not saying they deserve the death penalty but that would depend on a case to case situation, how many will think twice before acting out of anger like that?  Not saying all will but I bet it will slow crime down.  In most situations in life you could say we have 3 paths to go down: 1.  The path of too much mercy, 2.  The path of no mercy and 3.  The path of  both used together to find a middle ground.  If a person eats too much they get sick and if a person doesn’t eat enough they get sick, but there is just the right amount to eat and not get sick.  It can be easy to want to veer off of the middle path if we are not careful.  That’s why sometimes we have to just step back and bring all the facts together and use both the mind and emotion to get that middle ground.   Not always easy but necessary.

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