This is annoying, I hate it when they do these studies and complain about people being obese.  It isn’t the restaurants that are forcing people to eat these things.  Michael F. Jacobson said, “They practice caloric extremism, and they’re helping make modern-day Americans become the most obese people ever to walk the Earth.”  I think it is people either don’t care or have no control, but why accuse the restaurant of helping make obese people?  Why not accuse the people themselves as eating too much and/or not exercising?  Quit putting the blame on places like this and start putting the blame on the people.  I am also pretty sure that not all obese people eat at these places.  Click on OBESE to read the article.

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  1. Moe _

    I agree with in part. The restaurants industry can cut in half portions served and in doing so reduce the cost of meals. But lies the issue. Restaurants are not going to cut the price of meals. They know what you don’t eat you will either take home in a doggy box or simply leave it on the table for them to throw away. They don’t care – they win in the $$ department. Many of us do gorge ourselves or were taught when you were growing up – clean your plate, their our others in this world that don’t have anything to eat! I’ve bought into this stupidity all my life believing “Mom’s wisdom” can’t be wrong. It is hard to break old habits. Now I eat half or 3/4 of a meal and take the remainder home to eat as leftovers later in the week. Back to original point, a shared responsibility can and would do amazing things in reducing the obesity in this country. If voluntary efforts don’t suceed than you are going to see the feds get involved once again in something they have no business getting involved with in the first place. Give obamanomics other chance to form an agency a apoint a czar. God help us, but I digress.

  2. Shared responsibility would be great but when a person is face to face with God, how much responsibility can he share with others? It is up to each individual to make his or her own choice. If a person shares responsibility with the restaurant, then that is limiting a persons’ free choice because we are saying it isn’t entirely his/her fault but also the restaurants. I agree feds shouldn’t get involved and that is why there are tea parties and you proudly hang that “Don’t tread on me” flag. I am in the process of adding a new thing to a great old flag hoping that it will give strength to people, if the flag company can get the damn thing right. I believe each of us make our decisions and if a restaurant effects that decision then it isn’t the restaurant we should look at, but that is how I look at it. Appreciate the response and your opinion.

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