Freedom Focus2 – Opportunity


How is freedom opportunity? When you are free to choose, then opportunity is unlimited because if you fail, then you have the choice to get up, dust yourself off and keep trying until you succeed, get tired of failing or go another route. The point is YOU decide your own fate. You have the choice to complain or do something or you can do both as long as you are doing something. Granted if a person comes from a rich background it’s easier to stay rich but not guaranteed. If you don’t come from a rich background, then it means you may have to work harder. An article written by Joshua Kennon ( guide) called “How to become wealthy 9 Truths that can set you on the Path to Financial Freedom” talks about things you can choose to do to help yourself become wealthy. (ARTICLE) The opportunity to be rich is there, but the question is “Are you willing to sacrifice for that opportunity?”. Many people want something given to them for nothing or want those that have worked hard and fought to get where they are to have to give it to them, but that is not fair. If you believe that is fair then find others that have less than you and give from yours to help them out. How many will actually do that though, not many if any. The freedom is there for you to choose, work hard or do nothing. But hard work doesn’t mean you will succeed. Freedom just gives us the opportunity to succeed. As long as we have freedom now, then we can spend our money the way we want to spend our money, but if the government takes it from us then ask yourself, “Will I get to spend it on what I want or will the government tax me to give it to someone else?” If the government takes it from you then it’s not freedom to choose how you want to spend it. Granted we do need to pay some taxes, which in my opinion should be considered like rent, but we need a fair system to accomplish this, like the flat tax. Go to and search for “Who pays no income taxes”. You will find that 47% wouldn’t under the new law President Obama signed in 2009. Can we ever appreciate freedom? Freedom is choice. If you choose to eat candy all the time and no one stops you = Freedom. If you want to eat candy all the time but someone makes it where you can’t because they impose their beliefs on you = Not Freedom. And yes I was referring to San Antonio’s city workers’ situation ARTICLE .

Another proof that freedom is opportunity is pointed out in the 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen page 4 of the Introduction, “In 200 years, the human race had made a 5000 year leap.” That is true opportunity when you think about it. In a socialist/communist society why strive to work hard, invent, create, etc.? It will be taken away so why strive to be the best? Here in America from the point of the 5000 Year Leap freedom is no doubt opportunity and we have seen that opportunity grow in 200 years.

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