Freedom Focus 1 – What is Freedom?

The purpose of Freedom Focus is to help people understand what freedom is and why it is so important for us not to lose. Behind me is the Come and Take it flag and for those that don’t know what this flag is or it’s history please visit my blog and do a search for the history of the come and take it flag.

What is Freedom?

Do we ever truly think what it means to be free? Have we become so numb to freedom that we have lost appreciation for our freedom? The truth is we are quickly losing our freedoms. According to, on March 21, 2010 it says, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi has scheduled a House of Representatives vote today on the health care reform plan proposed by the President Obama and congressional Democrats. Yet while in Congress there has been months of posturing and shifting of political tactics, voter attitudes have remained constant: A majority oppose the plan being considered by the legislators.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone poll, taken Friday and Saturday nights, shows that 41% of likely voters favor the health care plan. Fifty-four percent (54%) are opposed.”

Obamacare was still passed and, we the majority, were ignored, Is that freedom? If you don’t pay attention to the news and someone else decides for you what will happen, how are you free? If I want trans fatty foods but can’t find any because the government says we shouldn’t have it because it isn’t healty, then where is my freedom to choose? The founding fathers set up our system where we allowed the government to be involved as little as possible, yet it seems that the government is growing faster and stronger. Is it freedom when one side can say what they want but when the other side tries to counter the first side attacks? Do we want the government to be like a parent to us and tell us what we can do, when we can do it and how we can do it? That is not being free. We must actively be involved to keep our freedom. If a person fails to do routine maintenance on a car then that car will fail sooner than it should and the same is with us. If we do not do “routine maintenance” on our freedom we will lose it. So what does routine maintenance on our freedom mean? I think it means first we must understand what is freedom. If we don’t understand what needs to be done on a routine maintenance for a car, then how can you properly do the maintenance, you can’t. Once we know what that routine maintenance for freedom is, then we have to make sure we abide by it. What would routine maintenance for freedom be? In my opinion, studying what the Constitution says, knowing our rights and practicing those rights. We have the Constitution that gives us these rights and we must do our best to know the Constitution so we can know what our rights are. We must make sure those in office know we are watching and we must back it up. If we say we are watching but don’t back it up with action, then we will lose our freedom sooner than later. This would be like having an accountant steal money from a company. If the company can check up on the accountant, then what are the chances the accountant will try to steal from the company? But if the accountant knows the company isn’t watching then at some point he may be comfortable enough to steal from the company.

We must understand what freedom is and why it is so important and when we can do that, then we will appreciate the freedoms we have and fight harder to keep them. This is the first video and hopefully more will come. I wish I could say I appreciate freedom like I should, but I don’t know if I can say that and that is one reason I am making this video to help myself learn more about what makes us free and what freedom truly is. If anyone is interested in helping me out then please go to my blog and look for the Freedom Focus blog and make a comment.

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