Questions for Illegals and their Supporters

If you support illegals or are an illegal yourself reading this, then I have one question.  If you truly believe Americans stole this country, then are you here to steal it from Americans or shouldn’t you leave here because you think the country was taken wrongly?  What I don’t like is people who are all for socialism or communism and want to make America that way.  Why not just go to Russia, China, or any other socialist/communist country?

Another question I have is how many illegals or supporters are willing to allow someone who breaks into their house stay there and take care of them?  I think if you are here illegally or support illegals and have no problem stealing from taxpayers or those who do steal from taxpayers then I think you should put a sign up in your house that says, “If you break into my house then please feel welcome to stay and I will take care of your needs.”  I would like to see how many of those believers actually do that.  Say what you mean and mean what you say!!!  If you believe it then follow it!!

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  1. I have the same question for our President. If this is the greatest nation in the world and so many people want to come here, why is it we need so much change????

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