Why someone thinks draw Mohammed day isn’t a good idea

I can see her point, (click on BAD to see her article) you offend those Muslims that don’t go hurting people and want peace.  My question is how many Christians get offended when Jesus is made fun of, etc?  Since South Park’s had a show once that shows “the Super Best Friends” ( I just checked on southparkstudios.com and it looks like that show is no longer available.  Click on SUPER to see for yourself.)  and they also show other religious entities from other religions.  Moses is shown similar to the Tron movie “bad guy”, click on MOSES to see the one they portray Moses, 4:10, 4:24 and 4:32.  Yet no other religion they portray has people going out and hurting others because of it.  If you don’t like something like this then just don’t watch it.  If you don’t like how South Park portrays Jesus, Moses, etc.  then don’t watch.  The problem is with those small group of radical Muslims go hurting or killing others because of it.  I have no problem with draw Mohammed day.

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