How your air conditioner works

I believe education how your ac unit works is extremely important.  It is important to know what parts are called and how the system works overall.  So here is a basic understanding how it works.

Liquid refrigerant, Freon, enters a metering device (used to lower the pressure of the refrigerant thus lowering the temperature) that is placed right before the evaporator coil.  This liquid absorbs heat from the house through the return causing the liquid refrigerant to evaporate.  The refrigerant leaves the evaporator as a low pressure vapor and moves towards the compressor.  Once it enters the compressor it goes from being a low pressured gas to a high pressure gas.  This high pressure gas moves into the condenser coil once it leaves the compressor.  In the condenser it turns back into a liquid refrigerant because it loses the heat it picked up from inside the house.  After it loses heat it returns back to the evaporator coil and starts all over.  If you take the outdoor temperature and then take a thermometer and move it above the fan motor you will get about 10-20 degrees higher temperature.  So all of those people that believe in global warming may want to stop using the air conditioners because you are taking heat from inside the house and shooting it into the world.

This is why it is important to make sure your return grills are clean, no attic air entering the return side (where the filter is located), and why a clean coil and filter are important.  It is also equally important to make sure your condenser is clean too.  If  you don’t get a maintenance done twice a year you should really do so.  All of those affect the efficiency of the system.

I will plan on talking about specific parts and getting pictures to show so you can see what it looks like and know the name.  So if someone says part abc is bad you will have a basic understanding what it does and what it looks like.

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