Federalist Papers and Formula for freedom

If you don’t know what the Federalist Papers are then click on this link.

What is the 5000 Year Leap about?  It gives us the formula for freedom and prosperity as set up by the Founding Fathers.

Preface 5000 Year Leap page xxv by W. Cleon Skousen

What was the yardstick the Founding Fathers used when trying to figure out the best place to have a free country? Where do the terms Left and Right come from?

They used Tyranny (being ruled) and Anarchy (no law).

Today the terms Left and Right are used or some say Communism on the Left and Fascism on the Right.

They refer to how parties were seated in the parliaments of Europe.  On the left side you had the Communists while on the right side you had the Fascists.  In between these two extremes sat the rest of the parties.

The Founders chose to use Tyranny and Anarchy because they wanted to focus on the political power vs parties.  Using this method they found the balanced center, which unfortunately we are far from nowadays.

The 5000 Year Leap Part 1 The Founders’ Monumental Task pages 9-11 by W. Cleon Skousen

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