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To those that think the rich just were given their money or it fell from heaven listen to this story.  Here is a man that came from hard times, from nothing and made himself what he is today!!!

This is the land of opportunity and not the land of take from the rich!!!  If you want to take from the rich, then why not move to Russia, China, etc.  Why do you think people from all over the world come here and people complain that the rich are too rich here??!!  What does that mean??  Most of the rich worked, suffered, and took risks for their fortune and now people who don’t want to work hard or take risks or simply can’t want to take it from them?  Are there some rich people who inherited money, yes, does that mean we still take it from them?  No!!!  Maybe they didn’t work hard for their money but I bet someone in their family did.  If you want to be rich then find the American dream while we are still America.  If you have a problem with rich people in America, then find people that are less fortunate than you and give them some of your money.  If you don’t think that is fair because it’s your money, then how do you think it’s fair you can complain?

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