Why should we want to get involved in politics?

Many think “What does it matter if I get involved in politics or not?  We will just get the same type of person in and it won’t really matter.”  Some just don’t care, some are lazy, etc.

Let’s say you have a car manufacturer called Democrat and they make the car Demo.  Let’s also say this company is just out to make money and that’s all they really care about.  They don’t care about the consumer at all.  You just bought the brand new 2010 Demo car and you are excited feeling good and the salesman was so nice to you.  “He had to be an honest salesman”, you think to yourself because of the way he treated you.  As you are driving it home a problem occurs, the engine starts to smoke.  Well you know that salesman will take care of you because he is just that kind of salesman, plus all the warranties.  You take the car in to the Democrat dealership and that salesman, that you thought was on your side and would take care of you, really isn’t giving you the time of day.  You tell him that you have warranties and he pulls a copy of the contract and in fine print it says “warranties void if car driven off of the lot”.  You realize there is nothing you can do and take it as a loss.  A few days later the car’s engine dies and other parts fail to the point where it isn’t worth fixing.  The amount of money and time you spent really makes you upset.  Of course, you won’t go back to that dealership.

This time you decide to go to the Republican dealership where they have the Rino car.  Pretty much the same situation occurs at the Republican dealership as what happened at the Democrat dealership.  Days after purchasing the Rino, the car looks better on cinder blocks in your front yard.

You are now frustrated, what do you do?  Where else can you take your car?  Is there a better dealership out there?  You feel lost and almost decide to flip a coin to see which dealership you go back to, the Democrat or the Republican.  As you are about to flip the coin you decide neither.  “Why should I give either one of them the time of day or my money just to get cheated,” you think.  This time you decide you are not just going to trust the next dealership but you are going to do research because you believe there must be a good dealership out there somewhere.

You find a dealership called the Independent and they have a car called the Constitution.  Instead of trusting the salesman you did the research on this car and find it to really do well.  You read how people have had their Constitution for many, many years without breaking down or having problems as long as you take care of it and do the maintenance.  You go in to the dealership and this time instead of trusting what the salesman says you carefully read over the warranty information.  Where the Democrat and Republican dealerships got mad and made you feel uncomfortable when you wanted to just skim through that information this salesman has no problem and agrees it is a good idea to read it over.  You see that everything is in order and purchase the car.  You take very good care of that car and it lasts you many, many years.

The point is We the People need to make sure we study the constitution and know our rights, and I mean the rights our founding fathers gave us.  Politics, unfortunately for too many politicians is a game or grab for power  and as long as We the People are not watching or questioning then how many politicians do you think really care for We the People?  Do you think they care more about their power?  I think most care more about their power and position than they do to help America.  Studying, calling, emailing, etc.  it is a pain sometimes and it would be nice to just sit back, relax and do what you want to do, but if we do that and the wrong politician is in control he may do things that will hurt us.  America is wounded right now and divided.  We need to realize we can’t fix this country if we are divided.  We must learn history, A Patriot’s History of the United States by Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen, and about the Constitution as best as we can so we can save this nation.  We can’t save this nation until We the People stand up to what’s going on in politics.  This is why it is so very important to get involved.  If you know someone who was raised in Cuba, Russia, etc. talk to them.  Ask them why they came here, do they like it here better and if so, why, etc.  We need to stop looking for someone else to take care of us or this nation because if I think you are doing the work and you think I am doing the work, then a whole lot of nothing is going to get done.  Please get involved with a Tea Party because it is the Tea Parties that are fighting to get this country back to the way it was.  If you hear a lot of negative things about Tea Parties, then don’t join until you do the research.  Talk to them and find out for yourself what is going on in the Tea Parties because the Tea Parties I know are out to do the right thing peacefully.  Stay up with the news by reading sites like Drudgereport.com, Hotair.com, Insideautomotive.com, Biggovernment.com, Bigjournalism.com, etc.

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