Do guns really kill people?

I think it is safe to say most will say NO!  Some say yes but I wonder what their reasoning is?  Why don’t they think the bullet kills the person, isn’t that what actually hits the person?  Maybe they think since the gun actually launches the bullet that is why the gun kills a person.  I don’t know.  Here is my question to them.  Why don’t cars kill people?  Why don’t sticks kill people?  Why don’t stones kill people (ever hear of stoning?  lots of rocks killing people)?  I could go on with any object that could cause a person to die.  In my opinion, if they aren’t going after the murderous stones and cars, then why are they going after the gun?  I think some are anti “you have the right to bear arms” and others may have just not thought it through well or just want a group to belong to.  The reason I say guns don’t really kill people is because I know owning a gun is a RESPONSIBILITY.  I know the gun feels nothing, thinks nothing, acts on nothing.  It is an object that doesn’t move or do anything until someone makes a CHOICE to pick it up and use it.  Sometimes those CHOICES are made to hurt others and other times they are made to help others, just like anything else in life.  Maybe some anti gun people want someone else to make their choices or be responsible for them, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.  Maybe some anti gun people unfortunately had someone close to them hurt or die by a gun and they believe that by getting rid of guns it will help people, but it won’t because the bad guys will still find a way to get guns while the good guys give their guns up.  No matter what the reason is guns don’t kill people, it’s the person that MAKES THE CHOICE to pull the trigger that kills a person.  The key words are MAKES THE CHOICE.  If they are using it to hurt others then they FAILED TO BE RESPONSIBLE for the weapon and if they are using it in self defense because someone is coming to hurt them, nice shot.  That person didn’t make the best choice.  If you choose to believe still that guns kill people then stop driving your car because your car could kill someone. Stop using any object to make sure that object doesn’t kill someone.

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